Benefit Cosmetics: Porefessional

The summers in Florida are terrible on the skin, especially for those of us who sweat a lot (it makes your pores bigger.) I was looking for something to minimize my pores, and I really couldn’t find anything, I even asked my go-to beauty guru at Sephora, and she had no suggestions. I used to Biore pores strips, which felt like they were literally ripping my skin off, and didn’t help (p.s. they’re WAY overpriced.) I was in my local Ulta one day, and I saw the tube of Porefessional on Benefit rack. I thought what the hell, let’s give it a try. My mom said she had some at home, and she didn’t like it, but I could try hers if I wanted to. My mom doesn’t have a pore problem, so I don’t even know why she bought it in the first place. I used it and I LOVED it. It has a silky texture, and it made my pores completely disappear (I put it on my nose and the sides of my nose.) Bonus, in the areas I used it, it made my foundation look smoother :-)

If you have pore problems, definitely check this out! $28 and it lasts forever!

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